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ThumbnailTitleˆA ‰new general chart of the Atlantic or Western Ocean and adjacent seas : including the coasts of Europa and Africa from 60 degrees North latitude to the equator and also the opposite coast of America / drawn and regulated by the most accurate astronomic observations, and the journals of the most experienced navigators, in which also are particularly distinguished the determinations of the longitude as given by the marine clocks of mr. Ferdinand Berthoud in the voyage performed by order of the Government of France, in 1768 and 1769, in the ship Isis, to the Azores, Madera, the Canaries, Cape-Verd islands, St. Domingo, the great bank of Newfoundland, et ca. by Mr. De Fleurieu
Resp.Claret de Fleurieu, Charles P.
Date10.th August 1777

ThumbnailTitleCarte de l'Océan Atlantique

TitleLas Palmas. mapa provincial
Resp.España, . Dirección General del Instituto Geográfico Nacional

TitleOceano Atlantico settentrionale con l'America nord orientale e l'Europa
Resp.Istituto idrografico della Regia Marina