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[G] - 802 names
Authors by 'G':
G.F. Cruchley [7 / 1 mapped]
G. J. N. [1]
G. P. W. [1]
G. Thomas [3]
G. W. & C. B. Colton [5]
    G.W. & C.B. Colton & Co.
Galey, [1]
Galli, Pio [16]
GALP [2]
Galván [8]
Galván, J. [164]
Gambar [1]
Gangoiti [1]
Gardner, William [4]
    Gardner, William, b. 1802
    Gardner, William, b. 1802.
Gasch, J. [1]
Gaspar y Roig, Editores [2]
    Gaspar y Roig Editores
GeoCenter [1]
GeoData [1]
Geographischen Instituts [7]
    Geographisches Institut
    Geographischen Institute
Geographisches Institut, Weimar [2]
    Geographisches Institut (Weimar).
Geographisches Institut (Weimar, Thuringia, Germany). [3]
    Geographisches Institut (Weimar, Thuringia, Germany)
Geological Survey [1749]
    Geological Survey (U.S.).
    Geological Survey (U.S.)
Geological Survey of Queensland. [8]
    Geological Survey of Queensland
George, C. [9]
    George Cox.
George, E. [4]
    George E.
George Philip & Son [48 / 1 mapped]
    George Philip & Son.
Gerin, A. [7]
Gerin. [5]
Germain [4]
Gerritsz [1]
Gerritsz., Hessel, 1581-1632 [7 / 3 mapped]
    Gerritsz, Hessel, 1581?-1632.
Ghys, E. [1]
Gibbs, Shallard & Co. [40]
    Gibbs, Shallard & Co, ltg.
Gil, A. [2]
Gil, J.F. [1]
Giova [1]
Giraldon [20]
Giraldon Bovinet, [3]
Godefroy [1]
Godos, R. [2]
Going, P. [2]
González, N. [3]
Gordon and Gotch. [11]
    Gordon and Gotch
Gorvel. [1]
Goullard [2]
Graciá [2]
Gradenigo [1]
Gran Bretagna, Admiralty [12]
    Gran Bretaña, . Admiralty
Gratia [1]
Gray [7 / 7 mapped]
Great Britain. Admiralty [71]
    Great Britain. Admiralty.
Great Britain. Admiralty. Hydrographic Office. [2]
    Great Britain. Admiralty. Hydrographic Office
Great Britain. Army. Royal Engineers [3]
    Great Britain. Army. Royal Engineers.
Great Britain. Colonial Office. [2]
    Great Britain. Colonial Office
Great Britain. Hydrographic Dept. [236]
    Great Britain. Hydrography Dept.
Great Britain. Hydrographic Office [2]
    Great Britain. Hydrographic Office.
Great Britain. Ordnance Survey. [27]
    Great Britain. Ordnance Survey
Great Britain. Parliament. House of Commons. Select Committee on Transportation. Report from the Select Committee of the House of Commons on Transportation. [2]
    Great Britain. Parliament. House of Commons. Select Committee on Transportation. Report from the Select Committee on Transportation.
Great Britain. Surveyor General of India [2]
    Great Britain. Surveyor General of India.
Great Britain. War Office. Intelligence Divisio [3]
    Great Britain. War Office. Intelligence Division.
Great Britain. War Office. Topographical Depot. [29]
    Great Britain. War Office. Topographical Dept.
Greater Sydney Development Association Limited [9]
    Greater Sydney Development Association Limited.
Grignon [1]
Grima, M. [4]
Groll, J. [1]
Guélard [1]
Guglielmi [1]
Gullick, W. A. (William Applegate) [8]
    Gullick, W. A. (William Applegate).
Guy, M. S. (Michael Stewart), d1869. [7]
    Guy, M. S. (Michael Stewart), d. 1869.