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AuthorAdair, John, 1660-1718

ThumbnailTitle[A map of Strath Devon and the district between the Ochils and the Forth]
Resp.Adair, John, 1660-1718
Date1681 [Date of issue]

ThumbnailTitleEast Lothian [Subtitle:] authore Johanne Adair.
Resp.Adair, John, 1660-1718
Date1682 [Date of issue]

ThumbnailTitleLarge Chart Describeing the Sands, Shoales, Depth of Water and Anchorage on the East Coast of Scotland ats North Britain [Subtitle:] by Saml. Thornton ... ; Surveyd by Iohn Adair.
Resp.Thornton, Samuel, fl. 1703-1739Adair, John, 1660-1718
Date1709 [Date of issue]

ThumbnailTitleMap of East Lothian [Subtitle:] survey'd by Mr J: Adair F.R.S.
Resp.Adair, John, 1660-1718Cooper, Richard, 1696-1764Tweedale, John, Marquis of
Date1736 [Date of issue]

ThumbnailTitle[Map of Midlothian]
Resp.Adair, John, 1660-1718Lothian, Robert Kerr, Earl of, 1636-1703
Date1681 - 1683 [Date created]

ThumbnailTitleMap of Midlothian [Subtitle:] survey'd by Mr. J. Adair.
Resp.Adair, John, 1660-1718Dundas, Robert, Lord Arniston, 1685-1753Cooper, Richard, 1696-1764
Date1735 [Date of issue]

ThumbnailTitleMap of WEST-LOTHIAN [Subtitle:] Survey'd by Mr. J: Adair F.R.S.
Resp.Stair, John Dalrymple, Earl of, 1673-1747Cooper, Richard, 1696-1764Adair, John, 1660-1718
Date1737 [Date of issue]

ThumbnailTitleMape of the countries about Stirling [Subtitle:] authore Jo. Adair.
Resp.Adair, John, 1660-1718
Date1680 - 1689 [Date of issue]

ThumbnailTitleMape of the west of Scotland containing Clydsdail, Nithsdail, Ranfrew, Shyre of Ayre, & Galloway
Resp.Adair, John, 1660-1718
Date1685 [Date of issue]

ThumbnailTitleMapp of Clakmanan Shire.
Resp.Adair, John, 1660-1718
Date1680 - 1681 [Date of issue]

ThumbnailTitleNew and Correct map of the Lothians from Mr. Adair's observations [Subtitle:] by John Elphinstone ; Thos. Smith, Edin, sculpsit.
Resp.Elphinstone, John, 1706-1753Smith, ThomasAdair, John, 1660-1718
Date1744 [Date of issue]

ThumbnailTitleNew and Exact map Of the River Clyde - [Subtitle:] Done by the late Mr John Adair Hidrographer and Fellow of the Royal Society -
Resp.Adair, John, 1660-1718Argyll, John Campbell, Duke of, 1680-1743Cooper, Richard, 1696-1764
Date1731 [Date of issue]

ThumbnailTitle[part of] [Map of Midlothian]
Resp.Lothian, Robert Kerr, Earl of, 1636-1703Adair, John, 1660-1718
Date1681 - 1683 [Date of issue]